Grooming As Males: From top to bottom

When trying to groom your whole body as a man, you need to start at the top. Buying a beard trimmer that works great and has solid functions is the key to getting started. You can use it to start at the face and even trim down those hairs in your chest, especially if you have some wicked growth.

It is easy to use one of these products and it just relies on you being able to hold it in a 30 degree angle and make passes going with and against the grain. But that is just the start. When it comes to maintaining body hair, women have it easy. You can go to a waxing salon and have everything taken care of you. Most of the time it isn’t even much hair and can be done within a few minutes.

This is not the same for guys and they constantly have to be grooming themselves day after day. Aside from an electric trimmer, a reliable razor and shaving cream is another must have. When you want to have that clean face with absolutely no stubble or hair, you will have to use a razor. There is no getting around it and it is the only way to fully remove all traces of hair on your face.

If you have a job interview, you should definitely be clean shave when you go in. This is why it is important to be able to shave effectively with a razor and cream, as there will be many times in your life that you will need to do it just for looking presentable.

What About The Lower Body?

This is a much more difficult situation. Now, depending on what nationality you are you might have little to no hair or a massive growth of hair that hides your hand when you touch it. If you’re in the latter part, you should be grooming yourself more often and using stronger equipment. A full body groomer might be an ideal solution for you, but you can get away with using an electric trimmer and a razor as a dual method.

First, you trim down the long hairs with your machine and get it to as small as you can. Then, you apply shaving cream over and finish it off with a razor. Many guys try and just go straight for the razor when their hair is super long and they find that it is completely ineffective. You have to use a trimmer beforehand to get the hairs to a 1-2cm length that is ideal for razor shaving.

Still unsure about how to do this? This is a great video that can help:

As you can see, this method is pretty simple and requires only two products. You already have a razor and shaving cream in your house so all you’d need is a trimmer or body groomer. If you plan on having a beard, at trimmer will be the better choice because it works delicately on your face without giving you unwanted cuts.

This two step method can be easily applied as shown in the video, but the one thing you should know is that it does require you to be careful. You can apply it to shaving any part of your body, from your chest down to your ankles and it will be effective everywhere.

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