Cosmetics For Men? The Times Are Changing

We usually talk about women when we talk about cosmetics. Beauty has its own place and it is not only confined to women now. But today, men too have several beauty products in the market. Cosmetics for men range from shaving cream, hair gel, face wash, body oil, moisturizer, perfume, and with a variety to choose from.

For skin fitness of men, there are various anti aging products, toners, scrubs, bronzers and serums that can be used. Body fitness counts even more in men than it does to women. Body lotions are available to highlight that fit body, like the 4V00 distinct man that provides you with smooth and healthy skin. 4V00 distinct man has a variety of products ranging from facial balancing cleanser, eye gel, moisturizing self tanner and many more. This brand of products is said to be one of the best cosmetic products for men. Apart from this, there are several other brands like L’Oreal, Park Avenue, Gillette, and Garnier which are quite renowned. Moreover, there is also Kaya skin clinic and Habib’s for men where they can visit for their skin and body care needs. Cosmetics for men may be less available to that of women in the market but that doesn’t have any influence on the purchasing behavior of the man. They indeed do buy cosmetic products for skin care and body care. As a matter of fact, the purchasing rate of cosmetic for men is increasing day by day!

And what time of cosmetics are men buying? Well, we asked three major cosmetic stores that question and they were very direct with their answer. A lot of men are buying these three products:

a) A daily bronzer to enhance the tan color of their skin on their face.
b) A concealer to hide away any impurities from either shaving or any pimples that may come out.
c) A body lotion for applying anywhere to keep the skin hydrated all day, every day.

Do these results surprise you? Well it shouldn’t, because women are not the only ones that should be wearing cosmetics.

Cosmetics are a means to enhance the outlook of an individual. Both men and women use some or the other cosmetics in their day to day life. But it should be noted that a research should be made before using any kind of cosmetic product. It has been proved that 90 percent of these contain at least one or a combination of chemical that may be unsafe for any skin type. So one should try to go chemical free and remain simple as much as they can. After all, beauty is not only a matter of good looks but to feel good as well.

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