Grooming As Males: From top to bottom

When trying to groom your whole body as a man, you need to start at the top. Buying a beard trimmer that works great and has solid functions is the key to getting started. You can use it to start at the face and even trim down those hairs in your chest, especially if you have some wicked growth.

It is easy to use one of these products and it just relies on you being able to hold it in a 30 degree angle and make passes going with and against the grain. But that is just the start. When it comes to maintaining body hair, women have it easy. You can go to a waxing salon and have everything taken care of you. Most of the time it isn’t even much hair and can be done within a few minutes.

This is not the same for guys and they constantly have to be grooming themselves day after day. Aside from an electric trimmer, a reliable razor and shaving cream is another must have. When you want to have that clean face with absolutely no stubble or hair, you will have to use a razor. There is no getting around it and it is the only way to fully remove all traces of hair on your face.

If you have a job interview, you should definitely be clean shave when you go in. This is why it is important to be able to shave effectively with a razor and cream, as there will be many times in your life that you will need to do it just for looking presentable.

What About The Lower Body?

This is a much more difficult situation. Now, depending on what nationality you are you might have little to no hair or a massive growth of hair that hides your hand when you touch it. If you’re in the latter part, you should be grooming yourself more often and using stronger equipment. A full body groomer might be an ideal solution for you, but you can get away with using an electric trimmer and a razor as a dual method.

First, you trim down the long hairs with your machine and get it to as small as you can. Then, you apply shaving cream over and finish it off with a razor. Many guys try and just go straight for the razor when their hair is super long and they find that it is completely ineffective. You have to use a trimmer beforehand to get the hairs to a 1-2cm length that is ideal for razor shaving.

Still unsure about how to do this? This is a great video that can help:

As you can see, this method is pretty simple and requires only two products. You already have a razor and shaving cream in your house so all you’d need is a trimmer or body groomer. If you plan on having a beard, at trimmer will be the better choice because it works delicately on your face without giving you unwanted cuts.

This two step method can be easily applied as shown in the video, but the one thing you should know is that it does require you to be careful. You can apply it to shaving any part of your body, from your chest down to your ankles and it will be effective everywhere.

Three Blissful Ways To Look Great And Love Life

Everyone dreams of leading a wow lifestyle enjoying the beauty and many other things that make life amazing. However, beauty is not for everyone but those who are ready to do the right things and practice habits that contribute to making one look beautiful. So what are these things that we need to do?

Well, they are many, but it’s surprising that some people do not have a clue or even few simple ones at their fingertips. Different people and beauty specialists recommend different ways. After taking the time to analyze the many ways, here are three blissful ones you can try.

Take Naps Daily in the Afternoon

Beauty is not just about buying beauty products and traveling to great places. Even simple things such as taking a nap in the afternoon are very vital and make life wow. Did you know that by taking a shower, applying beauty products and taking a nap even if it’s for a few minutes will make you more beautiful than you were before? Now you know it. Practice it often and the results will no doubt surprise you. It’s a very reenergizing and revitalizing activity. For the best results, experts recommend that you do so for about twenty minutes every day.

Eat Out (Healthy) Twice A Week

Well, the beauty of life is not just about staying at home. If you know, a restaurant that opened recently, you go there for lunch or weekend. You’ll never remain the same. However, choose a place that’s exclusive and super tasty then spent some hours there. Wondering what’s the relationship between beauty and eating out? Well, you’ll look beautiful when you are happy and stress-free. In fact, for comfort and luxury while out, apply great skincare products.

Many times, most of us settle on low quality or mediocre food forgetting that diet plays a very great role in how we appear. Your diet should be delicious and decadent. If you do not know what such diets taste, give it a try. Just find the time and visit that great restaurant in your area. You cannot miss one or two popular for delicious meals.

Get A Foot Massage

Yes, it’s a foot massage and not back or other part of your body. Many times when we decide to enjoy luxury, we forget our feet and focus on other parts only. If you’ve never tried, know that, indeed, foot massage is a very wow therapy. It has many benefits, and the excitement you’ll enjoy is better than that which you enjoy when you get back massage. The best way to understand what it means to have foot massage is to try it yourself. You’ll no doubt love it and even go for it often.

Many other options are available, but the above are fantastic ones that many people forget when it comes to beauty and even luxury. Put them into practice and you’ll, indeed, kick-start your journey to looking beautiful and being happy (which goes a long way in terms of beauty).

Tips To Strengthen Your Finger And Toe Nails

We all love and even admire well-manicured nails as an integral part of a pulled-together look or appearance. However, keeping your nails beautiful can be a hassle if you are not well equipped with the right tips. Most of us fail here or fall prey to myths that have no basis and are just said to mislead.

Relying on salons and friends for tips is also another pitfall that you should avoid. The unknown truth is that if you have the right information and seriousness, you can strengthen your nails and keep them looking beautiful. And it doesn’t matter if you are male, you still need to groom yourself.

Here are some of the best ways to keep your nails beautiful and clean:

Never Use Your Nails as Tools

Using nails to scratch or open soda is a common behavior that destroys and weakens nails. Well, though it’s an easy option when we want to open or scratch something, you should never do if you want to keep your nails healthy. In fact, you can easily tell whether someone is using their nails as tools or not by just looking at how they appear. They either look weak or are broken. Your nails are very vital when it comes to beauty. Keep them looking good and strong. You’ll look beautiful, and everyone will be admiring your nails.

Limit Exposure to Water

You should avoid soaking in the bathtub for long or washing lots of dishes without gloves. Such activities weaken your nails and contribute to the damage that we all do not want. Use products that moisturize hands and keep your nails away from water unless when you are taking a shower. You should drink a lot of water and take lots of vegetables & fruits to strengthen your body including nails. If you keep this and practice on a daily basis, your nails will look beautiful.

Avoid Manipulating or Cutting Cuticles

Leave your cuticles untouched whether you have your nails done professionally, or you do them alone. If you didn’t know, get it today that cuticles act as a special barrier to disease causing bacteria and fungus. By breaching that, you lose protection and in no time, the cuticles will be looking worse than they usually look when cuticles are untouched. What’s worrying is the fact that sometimes it can lead to permanent damage to your nails. Also, beware that it’s not only cutting cuticles that damages nails. Even pushing them back can cause harm and lead to weakening your nails.

With the above tips, you can always keep your nails strong and look beautiful. There are several products that are out there and you can buy them to help you keep your nails strong and looking good.

One example is the HealthyWiser Nail Care System. It replicates a natural manicure and pedicure that you can do yourself at home. This is highly recommended if you do not want to spend $20-40 every couple of weeks on mani/pedis. healthywiser

Never take your nails for granted when it comes to beauty. They have a vital role in the elegance of your overall appearance.

Conditioning Your Hair With Two Important Products

Wouldn’t it be nice to look as young as possible for as long as possible, well you can make an effort in that direction by selecting the right kind of hair care product, which will save you money, time, and leave you with a young looking glow.We all think about our hair, and buying the right hair care products can give us luscious silky strands of beautiful hair to frame that beautiful well looked after face.

By focusing a lot more on your scalp, and not just your hair, you will be enriching your hair and giving yourself more chance of staying youthful looking in the long-term. Did you ever get the embarrassment of having dried flaky bits of dead skin falling onto your shoulder, only for it be pointed out by somebody else? Avoid this by using the right kind of hair care product.

Our face doesn’t demand as much attention as does our hair. It’s all about the hair roots, which is a complex part of the human body. You need to nourish your skin and the roots of your hair with plenty of vitamins and minerals, and you do this by buying the correct hair care products.

What kind of hair care product will suit you the most?

In order to choose the right type of hair care product, a lot like skin care products, you need to decide a few things such as your hair type, your skin type, and the condition of your hair, skin, and scalp. You can buy herbal hair care products, along with oils and shampoo. Dermatological sound hair care products are your best bet to achieve this. There are two important ones that you should know about and have in your bathroom today. They are:

Shampoo containing conditioner

Conditioning shampoos will always mean that you don’t need to purchase a separate conditioner. You should consider if you have broken hair, dry or damaged hair, split ends, color treated hair, and by conditioning shampoo especially for that type of hair. The natural ingredient jojoba actually resembles the oil that is in human hair and skin.

Deep conditioning treatment

Once a week you should use a deep conditioning treatment. Too much wind and sun exposure can lead to damage, as can the use of curling irons and hairdryers, deep conditioning treatments can mitigate the effects of these things. The environment can play havoc with your hair so it is always best to use some good hair care products at least once a week.

Continue to use these two products and your hair will never be healthier. Also, follow these 10 hair care tips. You will unlock the true potential of your hair by doing this, one that you might have never thought was possible before.

Ten Easy Hair Care Secrets For Better Styling

There are a number of hair care secrets that are very practical and will facilitate you to make your hair appear wonderful and fresh looking. Read the following hair care tips to make your hair look beautiful and make your appearance complete. These secrets are what all the celebrities use to get that luscious hair you see on the red carpet.

The Ten Important Hair Care Tips

1. Squirt water at the roots if you have oily hair. Water adds lift to the hair roots. In the roots of the hair, you can also sprinkle some baby powder. For dry coarse hair, condition the ends well every time you wash them. This will keep your coarse hair hydrated throughout the day.

2. If you would like to tie your hair up in a bun, leave the bun loose. Finger comb your hair into a low disheveled bun. It will look much better that way.

3. Use a sea salt spray for sexy wavy hair. Take a spray bottle and fill it with a mixture of sea salts and water. Squirt sea salt on damp hair, scrunch it and let it air dry. As most of us have hair that has a natural wave and the sea salts will bring it out.

4. Finger comb your hair while blow-drying. Separate the tangles using your fingers. In this manner, dry hair till it is almost dry. Finally apply a brush.

5. To get the perfect hairstyle, create layers with bangs. Choose side-swept bangs or keep the bangs thick and heavy. If you create side-swept bangs paired with long layers, which will look very beautiful.

6. Another hair treatment option is coloring. It is also a pleasant change from the way you normally look. Opt for a hair color that will go well with your skin color. You can ask a professional hair stylist to aid you in choosing the right color for your skin tone. Mixing it up is a great away to impress others that you might see daily, perhaps that crush at the office?

7. Color your hair on a regular basis. Coloring every 28 days may actually put off your hair from getting damaged.

8. If you cut your hair in layers, this will make you look a lot younger. Follow this great DIY method to cut your hair in layers.

9. While curling, use curling irons before using rollers. With a styling spray you can then squirt your dry hair. Lastly, use a medium curling iron to curl 2-inch sections of hair prior to rolling hair in rollers.

10. For getting shiny hair, put in some drops of shine serum with water and spurt it on to your hair.

BONUS TIP: Do not shampoo your hair on a daily basis as this takes away the essential oils and dries the scalp and hair. Hair that has not been washed for a day or two is also easier to style. Actually washing your hair one time every two or three days will keep it very healthy and for a longer time.
These ten “secrets” are actually just proper hair care tips that you can follow very easily. There is a lot of misinformation about hair and it is time that women learn the truth. Try these out and share your experiences? Did everything work? Let us know!

Five Golden Rules To Dressing Well

Women’s fashion can be frustrating and very complex. The trends and colors can be difficult or impossible to follow if you do not constantly keep up with it. Besides, how many people actually look good in them? Well there is something you can do to always look your best regardless of what the trends dictate. They are called, the five golden rules to dressing well, and here they are:

1. Dress to Fit Your Body Type

There are some things that ladies who aren’t skinny avoid because of how the fit is. Similarly, there are some things that very slender ladies can’t pull off because of the same rules of fit. Short and tall people sometimes have similar problems. Instead of bemoaning what you can’t wear, discover what looks good on you and what flatters your figure. This is a very important starting rule to looking great with any clothes you choose.

2. Say “Yes” to Black

Every woman should own a little black dress. Having other staples in black, like a sweater, pants and some undershirts, is also good. Why? Because, black is flattering, it looks more elegant it’s appropriate for more occasions and it looks more expensive.

3. Update Your Wardrobe Slowly

Don’t dive after trends. If there are a few trends you like, you can buy a few pieces to work into your regular wardrobe, but don’t throw everything out every season. Instead, get rid of or box up what you don’t wear and buy new pieces. This will keep your wardrobe fresh and will allow you to buy clothes that change with your shape, age and personal sense of style.

4. Dress Appropriately

This is not about age. If you’re 50 you could look better in a miniskirt than some 20-year-olds and there’s no reason not to wear one. It’s all about the occasion you’re dressing for. For instance, if you’re going on a cruise, you need clothes that will let you soak up the sun effectively. You may want to wear biker shorts and a t-shirt to go jogging. But you wouldn’t wear your workout clothes to a wedding, right?. Similarly, you wouldn’t wear the pajama pants you have on while doing chores around the house to go to a job interview. Assess the formality or informality of the occasion and dress appropriately. Not only will you feel better about what you’re wearing, but other people will think you look nice too.

5. Wear What You Feel Good In

Confidence is probably the most important thing you own, whether you’re stepping out in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or a short skirt. If you feel that you look good and you’re happy with what you’re wearing, you should wear it. The fact that you like what you’re wearing will make something look better on you than if someone else comes along and dresses you in clothes you dislike. You need to be yourself and attain a style that you will like and not care so much about what other people say. Dressing is just half the battle, you have to look confident and proud in what you wear for the whole package to be complete.

As you can see, these 5 rules can be applied to any occasion and at any time. While the trends change, you can still be saved by following these golden rules.

A Look At Hugo Boss Fragrances

Women are generally quite fascinated about perfumes. They really feel happy when they are provided a wonderful set of perfumes as a gift item on their birthday or anniversary. But at the same time they are also very choosy about the selection of perfume. So are you in a situation where you want to get a loved one a great perfume set but don’t know which one? Well, you are not the only one.

Hugo Boss Perfume Range for Women has different varieties with sweet and beautiful fragrances. This company has launched their first perfume in 1993. Hugo Boss has divided their product in 3 categories, named Boss orange, boss black and boss green. Among them, the products in boss green are reserved for women. The particular range of perfumes are available in 102 countries are distributed in around 5000 retail stores. The perfumes are really refreshing and ideal for evening wear. One of the popular variety is known as the pure purple perfume. It has got the combination of ingredients like amber, Marzipan, Cyclamen, Black violet and nectarine. The result is an incredible scent that any women can enjoy and would love to receive as a birthday or holiday present.

What About Colognes For The Guys?


aqua elements by hugo bossLooking for a more sporty cologne for all those men out there? Aqua elements cologne was launched in 1996 and has stood out since. The ingredients used are sandalwood, a blend of patchouli, woodsy and more. It smells great and is not strong enough to be reserved only for special days. It can be used every daily and the man in your life will definitely love it. It especially goes well after shaving.

There is range of sports cologne for the ladies as well. These are made up of refreshing fruits fragrance such as lemon, orange, bergamot, juniper and more. Also the perfumes with the fragrance of rose, cedar, Tonka, Amber, Moss etc are available.  All in all, it is easily said that Hugo Boss offers some great scents for both genders and is generally underrated. You should try a Hugo Boss fragrance today and you will see how wonderful the results will be. There are plenty of choices for you, but be sure to look at the ingredients before purchasing so that you can see what each is composed of. You can then make your best judgement on what you or that special person in your life will like and what they won’t.

Also be sure to check for any allergens. A lot of people can not stand the smell of some fragrances because it triggers their allergies and can lead to some serious side effects. So be careful, do your research, and go out and try Hugo Boss fragrances today!

Great Technique To Get Those Beautiful Curls

Last week we talked about how beautiful curls are all the rage. This week, we are going to show you some techniques to make that dull straight hair into a lively and circular perfect mess!

First, you should know that with a proper utilization of makeup and dress, a woman should also have beautiful hair to match. There are many professional saloons which can give you a complete change in style. If you are carrying on the same hair style every day, you will definitely get bored of it easily.

Thus, it is very important to change a specific hairstyle and have it match with the type of clothing that you wear daily. For example, if a girl has straight hair, she should try to have curls in her hair in order to provide a different look for other days.

One technique that works well is by using products from Ghd hair styling, which is a famous hair styling organization which can provide a beautiful hairstyle to you. GHD is equipped with various types of products which can help in curling or making a hair straighten for a longer period of time.

GHD curling supplies


The main technique we will talk about here is by using the GHD products. This is common in those Beverly Hills salons that most celebrities go in and come out with the most lavish hairstyles in the world. This technique can be adopted in your own home just by using a curl holding spray.

There is a specific procedure to make hair curl the right way.

Step By Step Technique For Perfect Curls


1. For the first step, you have to take a small section of hair with your hand. The hair section has to be twisted tightly and held firmly at the end of the tips.

2. You need to isolate some strand of hair and push the remaining hair in the twisting area towards the root of the hair.

3. Then, grab the curling iron of your choice and start going down your hair evenly and slowly. You should see those curls coming out beautifully and naturally.


This technique is very advantageous as it would provide a soft appearance to the curls. This will provide a wonderful shape to the existing hair without having to actually cut your hair. After completing this method, the Beverly Hills hair dresser we mentioned before would put GHD Style Final Fix Hairspray in the end. This is important to provide a long lasting look to the newly formed curls. You can use any decent quality hairspray so grab your favorite brand and apply when done.

If you keep practicing this technique, there is no reason that you won’t have beautiful curls in due time. Like every technique, you will get better time after time until eventually you are able to switch from perfectly straight, to beautiful waves and curls. The key for women is to switch it up every week. One week you rock that straight hair and the next you switch to a curly look. All the celebrities love doing this, and you should too.


Beautiful Curls For Your Hair Is All The Rage Now


curls by Bb

Today, women that have long and straight hair have become bore about their existing hair. They feel monotonous about their hair style. This is the reason they visit several hair experts and ask for a makeover. But, now it is also possible to get wonderful curls in your hair without spending a lot in a styling salon. Curl conscious defining crème would make your hair softer with a wonderful shape of curls. If you can thoroughly follow the instruction manual to apply the specific cream, it can make your work very easy. Some people have got a fear of losing hair while applying creams with harmful chemicals. Also they have got complains about hair loss every day. Buy the curl conscious crème is really wonderful and safe. It has been tested in labs so that the customer will not get a harmful effect in their hair.


The individuals who have used the cream will always purchase the same. It is just because the product has attained the satisfaction level of the customer. Also the customers who have a natural curly hair can apply this cream to make it softer and good in shape.  This particular cream should be used after using hair masque or smoothing shampoo. There are different varieties of product to suit the hair type of an individual.

Generally, the hair expert dealing with this particular product don’t advise you to apply the product instantly. Rather he would ask the customer about her hair type first. Whether it is a rough hair, dry hair, oily or normal, will be what is asked, basically. After getting the answer, the dealer or the seller would provide the specific product for an individual’s hair which would be really suitable for that particular person.

Curl defining cream is definitely on the way to a more bright future as women are trying it out and loving the results. If you have no tried to change your long and straight hair yet, it is time to break free from your comfort zone and make your hair fun and curly. After all, beautiful curls are all the rage now and really define the facial features on most ladies. Try it out and let us know what you think!



Cosmetics For Men? The Times Are Changing

We usually talk about women when we talk about cosmetics. Beauty has its own place and it is not only confined to women now. But today, men too have several beauty products in the market. Cosmetics for men range from shaving cream, hair gel, face wash, body oil, moisturizer, perfume, and with a variety to choose from.

For skin fitness of men, there are various anti aging products, toners, scrubs, bronzers and serums that can be used. Body fitness counts even more in men than it does to women. Body lotions are available to highlight that fit body, like the 4V00 distinct man that provides you with smooth and healthy skin. 4V00 distinct man has a variety of products ranging from facial balancing cleanser, eye gel, moisturizing self tanner and many more. This brand of products is said to be one of the best cosmetic products for men. Apart from this, there are several other brands like L’Oreal, Park Avenue, Gillette, and Garnier which are quite renowned. Moreover, there is also Kaya skin clinic and Habib’s for men where they can visit for their skin and body care needs. Cosmetics for men may be less available to that of women in the market but that doesn’t have any influence on the purchasing behavior of the man. They indeed do buy cosmetic products for skin care and body care. As a matter of fact, the purchasing rate of cosmetic for men is increasing day by day!

And what time of cosmetics are men buying? Well, we asked three major cosmetic stores that question and they were very direct with their answer. A lot of men are buying these three products:

a) A daily bronzer to enhance the tan color of their skin on their face.
b) A concealer to hide away any impurities from either shaving or any pimples that may come out.
c) A body lotion for applying anywhere to keep the skin hydrated all day, every day.

Do these results surprise you? Well it shouldn’t, because women are not the only ones that should be wearing cosmetics.

Cosmetics are a means to enhance the outlook of an individual. Both men and women use some or the other cosmetics in their day to day life. But it should be noted that a research should be made before using any kind of cosmetic product. It has been proved that 90 percent of these contain at least one or a combination of chemical that may be unsafe for any skin type. So one should try to go chemical free and remain simple as much as they can. After all, beauty is not only a matter of good looks but to feel good as well.